Scent & Beaute Inc. is an industrial leader specializing in retail fragrance store, brand and marketing, distribution and logistics. Founded in 1982 and restructures in 2008, the company is a seamless combination of four decades of experience and the spirit of marketing innovation.

As the country’s pioneer in fragrance concept brands, we have launched three retail brands to date: Art of Scent which is targeted for the Luxury/Niche segment, Fresh for the premium and mainstream segment and Perfume Express, our value segment. All inspired by the goal of giving our consumers a unique and customized shopping experience and all managed independently to give our consumers a focused and non-confused arena of choice.

With over 25 retail stores and a growing portfolio in scents and skincare, our mission is to bring beauty brands to new heights and contribute to the overall equity of these global brands.

Beauty is universal. Beauty is an art. Led by an entrepreneurial team with the passion for beauty and creativity, we are committed to set the industry standards in the Philippines.